Supporting humanitarian
& development efforts through partnerships




We believe in...

• working for the common good with consideration for the most vulnerable.

• partnership and collaboration that empowers others.

• response to acute needs that address the root causes of crises.

• a holistic approach - support for basic rights, good governance,

social and economic well-being and environmental sustainability.

What We Do

We support...
• awareness of critical developments, and options  for action.
• strategic program development and mentoring.
• project implementation, linked to affiliate's wide-ranging expertise.
• research and evaluation of critical issues and response.
• professional development, informed by experience.


HDPI Highlight

The Disability Rights Awareness Seminar, led by Nils Kastberg, has been recognized as the Featured Program of the Year for 2020-2021 by Miami Dade College, Homestead Campus. Congratulations team.

HDPI Forum - Discussions with global thought leaders.  


Examples of issues discussed

Enhancing learning and practice

Courses and seminars


Ongoing course

Disabilities, persons living with mental conditions and syndroms...with Nils Kastberg.

Courses are available in English, Spanish and Swahili

Persons affiliated with HDPI are engaged in a wide range of services, reflecting many specializations including; consultancies, studies, program development, evaluations, strategic planning, and mentoring.

HIGHLIGHTED consultancies

  • "Child Protection linked to COVID-19 Crisis in the United States," for UNICEF USA.
  • "Reflecting on UNICEF MENA emergency preparedness investment in the context of COVID-19", for UNICEF Middle East and North Africa Regional Office.

Who We Are


• are an expanding global network,of experienced persons working to address critical humanitarian and development concerns.

• are focused on effective action that builds capacities and addresses humanitarian and development objectives.

• bring policy and program specializations rooted in the expertise of the affiliates.


Pilar Aguilar, PhD.

Specializes in education in emergencies

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Nicholas Alipui, MD

Specializes in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in context of the SDGs and humanitarian strategy

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Richard Anson, PhD.

Specializes in agriculture and rural development

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Orla Bakdal

Specializes in Human Rights, Good Governance, Climate Change, and Diplomacy

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Becca Balis

Specializes in child rights and protection

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Martin Barber

Specializes in maintaining peace and security and protecting civilians in conflict

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Elaine Zook Barge

Specializes in trauma and resilience

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Krishna Belbase

Specializes in food and nutrition security, social protection, and evaluation

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Mathilde Bienvenu

Specializes in Child protection, child rights and early childhood development

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Neil Boothby

Specializes in child rights and protection, especially in refugee contexts

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Jim Brasher

Specializes in strategic development and global philanthropy

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Marie de la Soudière

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Ed Giradet

Specializes in journalism in humanitarian contexts

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Katy Grant

Specializes in refugee and child protection

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Sara Guerreiro

Specializes in human rights and governance

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William J. Hawk

Specializes in practical ethics featuring an evidence-based ethical reasoning strategy

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Vern Jantzi

Specializes in restorative justice and trauma healing and resilience

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Nils-Arne Kastberg

Specializes in Human Rights and Education in Emergencies and Development

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Jean-Claude Legrand

Specializes in child protection in emergencies

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Leslie Little

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In Memory of Björn Ljungqvist

National Nutrition Policy

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Charles Mutasa

Specializes in civil society, governance, and human rights

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Tom McDermot

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Saulo Padilla

Specializes in trauma and resilience

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Heidi Peugeot

Specializes in emergency preparedness, disaster risk reduction and resilience

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Beatrice Progida

Specializes in program design, monitoring and learning systems

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Angela Raven Roberts

Specializes in gender, youth and livelihoods in emergencies

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Michael A Rechlin, PhD.

Specializes in forestry and conservation

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Everett Ressler

HDPi Executive Director, specializes in preparedness, risk reduction and child protection

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Sabina Robillard

Operations Officer, Specializes in community engagement and localization

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Claudio Schuftan

Public Health Consultant

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Saudamini Siegrist

Specializes in transitional justice and child rights and protection

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Laurent Sierro

Specializes in global political and humanitarian journalism

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Frederick Spielberg

Specializes in emergency preparedness, simulations and child protection.

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Keith Wright

UNICEF, UNDP, Ministry of Health

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- hdpi is an intellectual community with experienced practitioners who continue to innovate and shape practices that address contemporary challenges in the field of humanitarian and development work.

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Operational Staff

  • Everett Ressler, Executive Director
  • Larry Litwiller, Director of Finance and Operation
  • Kevin Yoder, CPA

Board of Directors

  • Vernon Jantzi
  • Rick Augsburger
  • Everett Ressler