Thomas Mueller

Specializes in child rights advocacy and campaigning, child protection and technology

pecializes in child rights advocacy and campaigning, child protection and technology

Thomas is an international Child Rights, Advocacy and Non-Profit management expert with 20 years of experience in leading multi-sector programs in and for global organisations. He works as a freelance consultant specialised in the field of multi-stakeholder collaboration, devising and driving organisational and collective impact strategies, and private sector engagement and compliance. He oversaw major international data collection and research efforts on areas related to child safeguarding, child mental health, and various manifestations of violence against children and child sexual abuse and exploitation, with increasing focus on the evolving nature of technology facilitated crimes against children. He has built and nurtured partnerships within civil-society, academia, the private sector, law enforcement and government in over 100 countries.

Thomas previously served as Deputy Executive Director at ECPAT International, the leading global civil-society network focused on ending child sexual exploitation. He held various positions of management and leadership with other child-rights organisations, such as with Child Helpline International, and with the German Government Cooperation (GIZ). He closely collaborated with and served as advisor for the UN Special Representative on Violence against Children, the Special Rapporteur on ending Child Sexual Exploitation, and the Director of the EU Agency on Fundamental Rights. Thomas holds a B.A. in Social Pedagogy and Social Work from the University of Bamberg in Germany and started his career as a frontline social worker providing child protection and alternative care services.