Tailored Fundraising for Successful Institution Building


FACILITATED by James Brasher and Carolyn Williams

Offered by HDPI

This seminar can be designed uniquely for your organization- the CEO, Board members, and persons responsible for fundraising. It will tailor proven fundraising techniques to the specific needs of the organization.

The seminar is led by James Brasher, working with Carolyn Williams, and brings a lifetime of knowledge helping others to do good better in the world.

The lessons offered are drawn from 50 years of experience in institutional development, resource mobilization and strategic partnerships, including work with, The Carter Center, Global Philanthropists Circle at the Synergos Institute as Founding Director. Mothers to Mothers in SA, Artists for Humanity in Boston and Cure Violence Global in Chicago which are grass roots organizations that have major community missions, also University of Memphis, ICDRB in Bangladesh, and more. A brief summary of their experience is provided below.  The bios of course leaders are available on the HDPI website (https://hdpi.org/who-we-are/affiliates/).

Seminar goals

This workshop is designed to provide skills that increase the capacity of CEO's, board members and their grantees and partners toward the goal of enhancing community services sustainability by improving fundraising and facilitating private sector engagement. This involves learning and developing best practices for both fund and institutional development.


Seminar details 

Participation: The workshop is designed for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 participants depending on your needs.

Sessions: The workshop will be delivered in five sessions. Each session will be interactive and conducted seminar-style. We will focus on identification of your entity-specific needs, dilemmas and goals, the applied learning of fundraising and organizational development strategies, tools and best practices.

Dates:  Registration is now open for 2024 Summer and Fall courses.


Transforming Ideas Into Action -

Introducing Jim and Carolyn seminar facilitators



"Philanthropists and organizations are most powerful when they work together."


Lead by James Brasher, whose passion is his work with philanthropists, CEOs, boards of foundations, and organizations who are focused on social change. Brasher is a specialist in transforming big ideas into sustainable and fundable programs.

Please visit, http://development-counsel.com/ to review a comprehensive list of positions held and clients served as well as to review Jim’s biography over 40 years of professional service.

Carolyn Williams works internationally as a consultant focused on peacebuilding, social justice, political and humanitarian affairs. Her experience across policy, practice, academia and philanthropy allows her to work intersectionally and build bridges between sectors to foster diverse collaboration.

Carolyn currently advises NGO leadership on strategy for institutional development, resource mobilization and communication for impact. In this capacity, she manages multi-stakeholder partnerships while engaging philanthropists and foundations in sustaining change efforts.


HDPI Executive Seminar - Tailored Fundraising for Successful Institution Building

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