HDPI's mission

To better understand critical humanitarian issues around the world, and to innovate and support practical actions to address them.


To Explore critical issues; Identify "experienced  humanitarian champions; facilitate cross-fertilization and exploration of issues; support affiliates initiatives;  encourage  innovative efforts; work together to provide services, consultancies, studies, and evaluations; support training, mentoring and courses led by affiliates.

HDPI is made up of a global network of experienced practitioners.

Working groups form the basis for innovation.

There are working groups on issues of migration, environment and climate, ethical decision making, child protection, and persons who live with mental conditions and syndromes.


Examples of HDPI working group iniatives for persons living with mental conditions and syndroms

HDPI has an MOU with the Special Olympics to support work in refugee camps in East Africa.

Opposite is a statement by David Evangelista, Senior Advisor for International Development, Special Olympics, Inc.

HDPI, with Friends of Shirati, Tanzania, supported the development of a program for local persons living with mental conditions and syndromes. 

More than 200 children with mental conditions and syndromes such as autism, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy, and their parents participated in an interactive day of developmental activities, hosted by Friends of Shirati and Shirati Hospital, Shirati, Tanzania.

Courses were provided for Miami Dade Community College with sessions involving more than 1,000 nursing students.  Courses were offered in English, Spanish, and Swahili.

Persons Living with Mental Conditions and Syndromes

Course Instructor: Nils Kastberg