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Support HDPI initiatives

  1. Disabilities Program, Shirati KMT Hospital, Shirati, Rorya Tanzania.
    Support development of a course in Swahili on working with people with mental conditions and syndromes and other disabilities.  Contact for information: or Dale  Donate below.
  2. HDPI Trauma-Resilience-Migration.
    Join us in making AITM seminars available to people who would not otherwise have access to this restorative process in our efforts to reduce trauma, harm and enhance resilience of people on the move or resettling.  Contact for information:  Donate below.
  3. Support HDPI's efforts.
    Help HDPI develop programs and extend services, described on our website.  Contact for information:  Donate below.

Operational Staff

  • Everett Ressler, Executive Director
  • Larry Litwiller, Director of Finance
  • Kevin Yoder, CPA

Board of Directors

  • Vernon Jantzi
  • Rick Augsburger
  • Everett Ressler