Krishna Belbase

Specializes in food and nutrition security, social protection, and evaluation

Krishna Belbase brings to HDPI a rich combination of programme management and evaluation  experience involving both development and humanitarian fields.  From 2008 to 2017, he served as senior evaluation officer in UNICEF New York where he had a lead role in conceptualizing and managing a dozen corporate evaluations and inter-agency evaluations.  Most ambitious among these was the evaluation of UNICEF’s response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami which involved assessing the impact of $700 million investment in the affected countries.  He also served as chair of the United Nations Evaluation Group taskforce on joint evaluation and UNDAF evaluation which produced guidelines and training on both topics.  Previously, he served as regional chief of monitoring, evaluation and social policy for the Middle East and North Africa Region.  His previous jobs with UNICEF included advisor for nutrition in Programme Division, New York and chief of nutrition programme in Pakistan and Botswana.


Mr. Belbase holds a PhD from Cornell University and a MS from Southern Illinois University. He has presented widely in international conferences, travelled to more than 70 countries and conducted  training workshops on result-based development, performance measurement and evaluation.  His subject focus includes food and nutrition security, early childhood development, and social protection within the broader context of the SDGs.