Carolyn Williams

Carolyn works internationally as a consultant focused on peacebuilding, social justice, political and humanitarian affairs, partnerships and resource mobilization.

Carolyn works internationally as a consultant focused on peacebuilding, social justice, political and humanitarian affairs. Her experience across policy, practice, academia and philanthropy allows her to work intersectionally and build bridges between sectors to foster diverse collaboration. Carolyn currently advises NGO leadership on strategy for institutional development, resource mobilization and communication for impact. In this capacity, she manages multi-stakeholder partnerships while engaging philanthropists and foundations in supporting and sustaining change efforts. Carolyn enjoys supporting organizations transforming diverse issues such as: equality, racism, violence, misinformation, child protection and wellbeing, youth leadership, storytelling, food systems and climate change.

Carolyn is considered a technical expert in YPS and WPS and is a conflict resolution generalist. Presently, she supports the UN Peacebuilding Fund and UNDP as an expert consultant on youth and gender as well as program design, monitoring, evaluation and learning. Previously, Carolyn worked on applied research and peacebuilding programs advancing Women, Peace, and Security. While managing the Women Waging Peace Network, Carolyn co-created the first youth-led peacebuilding initiatives with the Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice, highlighting the unique needs and abilities of young women peacebuilders globally. She later developed intergenerational peacebuilding partnerships and designed a workshop to facilitate the co-creation of program design and implementation among elder and younger women peacebuilders globally. In addition to capacity building workshops and trainings, Carolyn has facilitated dialogue between communities facing violent conflict, among track one peace process negotiators, and with individuals experiencing interpersonal conflicts. Most recently, she supported the scaling of William Ury’s negotiation method, Possibilism, to help dedicated practitioners solve intractable conflicts.

Carolyn has published various articles on youth participation in decision-making and advocates regularly for children and youth policy. She contributed to writing the Amman Youth Declaration, which became the first-ever Youth, Peace, and Security resolution passed by the Security Council (UNSCR 2250, 2015) and led a team of youth peacebuilders to advocate for the YPS Act (H.R.6174, 2020) in U.S. Congress. While working on public diplomacy programs with the U.S. State Department, Carolyn supported youth leaders from nearly 100 countries promoting peace and understanding through international education programs. In Malaysia and Myanmar, she has conducted community assessments and co-designed peacebuilding projects with refugee children, some that remain ongoing today with UNHCR. In her volunteer capacity, Carolyn is the U.S. Country Chair for Youth Empowerment of the G100 and supports the U.S. YPS Coalition and the Global Coalition for YPS advocating for Youth, Peace and Security mainstreaming at all levels of government and civil society. Carolyn is an Institute for Economics & Peace Ambassador, a Rotary Peace Fellow alumna, and holds a Master of Social Science in Peace & Conflict Research from Uppsala University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Peace & Conflict Resolution and a Latin American Studies minor with honors from American University. She has lived and worked in Argentina, Malaysia, Sweden, and the US – where she is currently based in New York. Carolyn speaks English and Spanish fluently and is working on her Portuguese.