Supporting Lumos Foundation efforts for institutionalized and unaccompanied children

for the most affected and least protected children

HDPI is supporting LUMOS Foundation and partners in capacity building and programing for child protection in the Ukrainian crisis - preventing separation of children from families, returning children in institutions to their families, strengthening vulnerable families and communities, and the care and protection of unaccompanied children including children with disabilities.

The HDPI child protection and education in emergencies team is a group of practitioners with global experience.


Working individually or as a team, we support both preparedness and response efforts in child protection and education in emergencies, supporting:

  • needs assessment and evaluations
  • development of child protection and education strategies
  • child protection interventions
  • tracing and reunification of children with their families.
  • rapid education response
  • coordination at all levels
  • capacity building (among caregivers, social workers, teachers, community workers, government officers, and others)
  • provision of psychosocial support
  • promotion of early childhood development
  • post-conflict reconciliation processes engaging children and young people
  • other interventions according to context


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • other

Child Protection Team Members

Pilar Aguilar, PhD.

Specializes in education in emergencies

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Saudamini Siegrist

Specializes in transitional justice and child rights and protection

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Krishna Belbase

Specializes in results based monitoring and evaluation. Also, food and nutrition, security, and social protection.

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Everett Ressler

HDPi Executive Director, specializes in child protection and care and protection of unaccompanied children.

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Angela Raven Roberts

Specializes in reunification of unaccompanied children, gender based violence, creation of safe spaces.

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Mathilde Bienvenu

Specializes in Child protection, child rights and early childhood development

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Marie de la Soudière

Specializes in family tracing and reunification, psycho-social reintegration of boys and girls formerly associated with armed forces and groups.

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Jean-Claude Legrand

Specializes in child protection in emergencies

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Moira Fratta

Specializes in strategic planning and humanitarian leadership, preparedness, resilience and sustainability.

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Stephen Hanmer D’Elía

Specializes in child protection, forced migration, mental health & psychosocial support.

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Nils-Arne Kastberg

Specializes in advocacy for persons living with mental conditions and syndromes with a focus on human rights and humanitarian action.

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John Williamson

Specializes in technical support for programming and policy to strengthen family care for children, preventing separation promoting family reunification.

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Vern Jantzi

Specializes in restorative justice and trauma healing and resilience

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Roger Pearson

Roger holds a master’s degree on Medical Demography from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of London.

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