Translate  climate angst into courageous commitment!

Strategies for Climate Trauma, Action, Resilience, and Regeneration

Training -June 10-12, 2024   Harrisonburg, VA.

Stories passed down from our ancestors tell us we used to sing under the stars and live in harmony with the land. Now we see a world buffeted and stricken by climate change. We feel overwhelmed by uncertainty, anxiety, anger, grief, and the magnitude of the problems.


Come join us at the Climate STARR training.


Together we pause.  Acknowledge our grief.  Reflect. Deepen radical resilience practices. Envision the just, regenerative future we long for. Choose actions to get us there. Commit to joining with others to multiply our impact. Discover active hope.

Cutting edge training

What we’ll do in our time together

Day 1: Facing the collective trauma, challenges, and opportunities of the eco-crisis

We’ve seen the data and heard the predictions. It’s time for something more. Discover strength in acknowledging the concerns we carry and the things we find hard to talk about. Break free of paralysis and overwhelm through reconnection with nature, each other, and a commitment to justice and equity. Choose courage and community.

Day 2: Narratives, Contemplation, and Choice

Identify the narratives we are living by. Choose the narrative you (your community/organization) want to live into. Close gaps between beliefs and actions. Reflect on the deep resilience and spiritual strength of our ancestors. Envision the just, regenerative future we commit to work for.

Day 3: Just, Collective Eco-Action

Discover what involvement makes you come alive, stretches you, and fits your life reality. Assess personal and organizational climate actions. Experience the power of going from “I” to “we” across expanding spheres of influence. Choose active hope.


Climate STARR, is a three-day in-person training that provides individuals, communities, and  climate action organizations who encounter climate angst and fatigue (or experience it themselves) a space to pause, reflect, and gain new skills for living and leading in uncertain times. Together, we explore perspectives that strengthen hope and enhance collective resilience that result in regenerative climate action within our spheres of influence. 

Co-sponsored by HDPI (Humanitarian Development Partnerships International) and Eastern Mennonite University STAR Program.

Facilitators: Beverly Bushyhead, MA, MPA; David Anderson Hooker PhD., JD, MDiv.; Donna Minter, PhD; Carolyn Yoder, MA, LPC

Continuing Education Units available.

Join us!


Beverly Bushyhead, MA, MPA

Beverly is an enrolled citizen of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. She is a Restorative Practitioner & Leadership Visionary at Bushyhead Consulting and has co-facilitated numerous STAR trainings.

David Anderson Hooker, PhD., JD, MDiv.

David has more than 35 years’ experience as a lawyer, mediator, trainer, community builder and professor. He specializes in  issues of memory, historical harms, and the role of narrative in shaping human beliefs and practices. He is the Founder and Principal Narrator for CounterStories Consulting LLC in Atlanta, Georgia.

Donna Minter, PhD (she/her)

Donna is a Licensed psychologist with specialties in trauma, resilience, restorative justice, and forensic psychology. She is a STAR Trainer, founder of the Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute, and instigator of the GRAAMY! Ride – Graamy Rides Across AMerica Yes! Ride to raise funds for climate action organizations in the fall of 2024.

Carolyn Yoder, MA, LPC

Carolyn is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in trauma, resilience, and climate anxiety. She is Founding Director of Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR), and the convener and director of the Climate STARR Collaborative.



Climate STARR Training will be held June 10-12, 2024 as a 3-day in-person training at Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA.

Training Fee: $499*  Continuing Education Units  $25

If you require financial assistance to cover this reduced tuition, please email Donna Minter, PhD  ( group discounts are also available for two or more people from one organization.

Cancellations received by May 10 will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee.

Cancellations between May 11 and May 31 will be refunded minus a $100 fee.

No refunds after June 1 except for extenuating circumstances.


Location of training

1200 Park Rd
Harrisonburg, VA 22802-2462
Telephone: 540-432-4000
Fax: 540-432-4444
TTY: 540-432-4599

Climate STARR Collaborative


Carolyn Yoder, MA, LPC

Climate STARR Convener

Carolyn is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in individual and collective trauma and resilience. She is the founding Director of Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR), a justice and conflict informed training program begun in 2002 that has resourced thousands of people worldwide. She is the author of The Little Book of Trauma Healing: When Violence Strikes and Community Security is Threatened and lives in Harrisonburg VA.


Elaine Zook Barge, MA

Elaine worked Central America as program director for an NGO in the1980’s and 1990’s,a time of conflict and war. She served as STAR Director for ten years and has lead trainings on five continents. She is the co-creator of two specialized STAR trainings, one focused on migration/immigration and one on incarceration. She has trained in prisons and compiled Village STAR, a resource for short STAR trainings. She serves as a consultant to individuals and organizations.


Saulo Padilla, MA

As the US Immigration Education National Program Director of Mennonite Central Committee, Saulo coordinates immigration law training for nonprofits and leads Borderlands Learning Tours on the Mexico/US border. He is co-creator of the STAR based immigration and migration training. Born in Guatemala, he is a Canadian citizen who now lives in South Bend, Indiana in the US. His personal experience of applying STAR principles to his life experiences imbues his work with compassion and wisdom.


David Anderson Hooker, PhD., JD, MDiv. 

David’s expertise in conflict, civil rights, reconciliation, narratives, and community organizing has taken him around the globe, to universities (including Notre Dame  and Boston University), and to his own neighborhood as a community builder. He is the author of The Little Book of Transformative Community Conferencing, a Hopeful, Practical Approach to Dialogue and the Founder and Principal Narrator for CounterStories Consulting LLC in Atlanta, Georgia.


Sue Park-Hur, MA

Sue is Director of racial/ethnic engagement for Mennonite Church USA. She is co-founder and co-director of ReconciliAsian, a peace center in Los Angeles specializing in conflict transformation and restorative justice for immigrant churches. A life shaping time for her as a Korean American was witnessing the 1992 uprising while studying at UCLA (University of California, Los Angelos).


Donna Minter, PhD, (she, her)

Donna is a licensed psychologist with specialties in trauma, resilience, peacebuilding, neuropsychology, and forensic psychology. As the founder of the Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute, she brought training in STAR, restorative justice, and racial equity to more than 16,000 people in her region. She is the instigator of the GRAAMY! Ride – Graamy Rides Across AMerica Yes! to raise funds for climate action organizations. She brings passion and enthusiasm to all her work.


Wayne Teel, PhD. 

Climate STARR collaborative members are advised by Wayne Teel, PhD. a specialist in ecology, soil, biochar, and environmental science in the Department of Integrated Science and Technologies, James Madison University. He is an expert gardener and grows native trees and plants around his straw-bale insulated home in Keezletown, VA.  


Beverly Bushyhead, MA, MPA (she, her) 

Beverly is an enrolled is a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. She has 20 years of experience in nonprofit management and public administration and is passionate about building liberating and healing tools for intergenerational and historical trauma. She is the Leadership Visionary and Equity Strategist at Bushyhead Consulting, where she partners with organizations to create transformative and sustainable change. She lives in Minnesota.


Climate STARR’s nonprofit fiscal agent is Humanitarian Development Partnerships, Inc.
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