Child Protection and education 
in Emergencies 

Supporting services in emergencies,

for the most affected and least protected children

The CP/EiE Team are practitioners with global experience in child protection and education in emergency situations. Guided by the human rights approach we strive to promote the well-being of children by supporting organizations working to tackle critical challenges in:

  • child protection
  • education in emergencies


Working individually or as a team, we support both preparedness and response efforts in child protection and education in emergencies, supporting:

  • needs assessment and evaluations
  • development of child protection and education strategies
  • child protection interventions
  • rapid education response
  • coordination at all levels
  • capacity building (among caregivers, social workers, teachers, community workers, government officers, and others)
  • provision of psychosocial support
  • promotion of early childhood development
  • post-conflict reconciliation processes engaging children and young people
  • development of fund-raising proposals
  • other interventions according to context


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • other

Targeted to:

  • UN agencies, non-governmental and community-based organizations, private sector firms, consulting groups, intergovernmental bodies, among others.

Examples of Past Work


  • Rapid Educational Response in Complex Emergencies (P. Aguilar)


  • Back-to-School Guide: Evidence-based strategies to resume education in emergencies and post-crisis transition (P. Aguilar)
    Education in Emergencies: A resource tool kit (P. Aguilar)


  • Developed and led a strategic response to Venezuelan migrant crisis in the area of child protection. (F. Spielberg)


  • Developed and led inter-agency emergency simulations for UN Country Teams in Algeria, Colombia, Eritrea, Ghana, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and others to strengthen humanitarian preparedness. (F. Spielberg)


  • Developed and delivered a training programme for NGO/CBO capacity building on engaging children and youth in post-conflict reconciliation in Sri Lanka. (HDPI) (S. Siegrist)
  • Documentation of the work of faith-based leaders and organizations in South Asia, identifying gaps and opportunities to strengthen efforts to end violence against children. (HDPI). (S. Siegrist)


  • Development of guidance for engaging children in truth commissions and Key Principles for Children and Transitional Justice. (S. Siegrist)

Council of Europe

  • Baseline study on systemic issues affecting the child protection system’s response to child sexual exploitation and abuse and proposals to identify risks and address gaps and deficiencies in the policy, institutional and legislative frameworks concerning prevention and fight against child sexual exploitation and abuse, Republic of Moldova, for the Council of Europe.(J. C. Legrand)

Core Team Members

Pilar Aguilar, PhD.

Specializes in education in emergencies

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Saudamini Siegrist

Specializes in transitional justice and child rights and protection

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Krishna Belbase

Specializes in results based monitoring and evaluation. Also, food and nutrition, security, and social protection.

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Everett Ressler

HDPi Executive Director, specializes in child protection and care and protection of unaccompanied children.

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Angela Raven Roberts

Specializes in reunification of unaccompanied children, gender based violence, creation of safe spaces.

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Mathilde Bienvenu

Specializes in Child protection, child rights and early childhood development

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Becca Balis

Specializes in child rights and protection

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Marie de la Soudière

Specializes in family tracing and reunification, psycho-social reintegration of boys and girls formerly associated with armed forces and groups.

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Jean-Claude Legrand

Specializes in child protection in emergencies

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Leslie Little

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