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How we work

We work with each client to help them address complexity, better understand current challenges, consider alternative response strategies, build new partnerships, take adaptive action, and act more effectively and efficiently.We do so by offering the following services.


We are a unique consulting group of senior level experts specialized in facilitating change in humanitarian and development efforts to:

  • enhance economic well-being of the most vulnerable
  • address threats related to climate change
  • improve the protection of people from violence
  • support child health globally
  • prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from emergencies
  • meet education needs in emergency situations


HDPi's affiliates have worked on an array of issues, ranging from risk reduction to post-earthquake reconstruction, from school building to child protection, from peacebuilding to trauma healing. The scale of the work has ranged from assisting governments in the development of national framework to the support of village level services. Our work focuses on enhancing humanitarian and development efforts, working towards conflict reduction, and building local capacities and supporting local implementation of strategic programming. Our services support organizations working in some of the most complex environments.

HDPI’s affiliates have collective experience that touches on almost every aspect of humanitarian and development assistance, and are happy to assess whether we can be of assistance for issues faced.


HDPi"s affiliates have a strong history of helping partners pursue innovation, best practice, and high achievement in the humanitarian space, beginning as a unit under the KonTerra Group and continuing as an independent entity. The following projects highlight a number of those partnerships to provide a more concrete idea of the range of our capabilities and work:

Capacity building for children’s rights in transitional justice processes in Sri Lanka

HDPi consultants are providing intensive capacity-building for local civil organizations in children’s rights and inclusion framework in truth-seeking and reconciliation processes following the decades-long armed conflict in Sri Lanka.

Engaging faith leaders to promote human rights

HDPI consultants provided training for faith leaders on basic tenents of international humanitarian law, human rights and child rights, youth leadership, conflict prevention, and reconciliation in conflict-affected communities in Eastern DRC and Burundi.

Facilitating inter-agency workshop on emergency preparedness and child rights

HDPI facilitated an inter-agency workshop in Kigali to improve emergency preparedness and response to cross-border movements of children in the Great Lakes Region

Advising the Government of Eritrea on their OneWASH strategic plan

Provided strategic guidance and facilitation for the Government of Eritrea and their partners during the process to develop their process to develop a national strategy for water, sanitation, and hygiene for 2030. This included research, in-country consultation and facilitation services, and support in drafting the language for the strategy.

Strategic guidance for accountability to children affected by crises

HDPI provides ongoing strategic guidance and technical expertise to support the Chidfund Alliance in developing child-friendly accountability programs to monitor progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal Target 16.2 (ending violence against children).

Leading international study on early-warning and early-response

HDPI undertook a multi-country study to identify ways to strengthen UNDP’s early warning and early-response to crises across the globe.

Study on statelessness and risks of statelessness in Guinea Bissau

HDPI consultants carried out ground-breaking research on stateless people and persons at risk of statelessness in Guinea Bissau, which is an important human rights issue. The study also assessed the impact of statelessness on the enjoyment of fundamental rights and accessing basic services, as well as the legal and administrative framework for preventing and reducing…

Planning and facilitation for the World Humanitarian Summit

HDPI members supported big picture thinking on adapting the humanitarian system as part of planning inputs to the World Humanitarian Summits, and served as facilitators and rapporteurs of various consultations and meetings.

Evaluating post-earthquake programming

HDPI organized and conducted an evaluation of a post-earthquake trauma-healing and resilience program in Haiti.

Strategic consultations with ‘Pathfinders’ of Child Protection

HDPI convened a three-day consultation with pioneers in child protection in humanitarian crises from around the world. The consultation documented the evolution of child protection knowledge and best practice over the past few decades and chartered a vision for how the field can continue to evolve.

Emergency assessments for refugee and displaced children

HDPI members helped facilitate an inter-agency mission to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey to assess the situation of at-risk refugee and displaced children. In other work, Consulted on emergency preparedness and response actions to the large-scale influx of unaccompanied children into the US and a post-action review.

Strategic guidance on national humanitarian response policy

HDPI developed guidance for the UAE Committee for Coordination of Humanitarian Foreign Aid on how to coordinate and organize humanitarian response programs.

Supporting social change and conflict reduction through trauma healing and community problem-solving

Wozo Haiti is a locally developed, national organization which aims to generate positive social change and conflict reduction through trauma healing and community empowerment.   HDPI supports this program through partnerships, with the implementing and donor agency Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD), that respects local program ownership and management and that provides support by mentoring,…