Recent Publications and Articles by Persons Affiliated with HDPI

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Elaine Zook Barge

Saulo Padilla

Mental Health and Psychosocial

Support (MHPSS) Linked to

the COVID-19 Crisis in the

United States

Saudamini Siegrist

Krishna  Belbase

Current Engagements by Persons Affiliated with HDPI - 2021

Fred Spielberg

  • Continuing to advise the three National Committees and one country office of UNICEF responsible for four high-income Caribbean islands on disaster preparedness and operationalization of same (this is part three of an on-going consultancy);
  • Formatting and final cosmetic changes for the article by Bill, Pilar, yourself and me on the integration of the 8KQ strategy of ethical decision-making into Early Childhood Development;
  • Creating an initial draft of a funding proposal to finance HDPI´s project of sensitizing UNHCR staff at all levels on persons living with mental conditions and syndromes, with Nils, Phyllis and Everett.

Pilar Aguilar

  • Serving as expert resource & HDPI representative with Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies on issues relating to education in emergencies. On the Project Advisory Committee of JASLIKA (Nairobi) advising and providing input to key studies.
  • Part of the Directory of the Fundacion Henri Dunant – America Latina (Santiago). Lecturing and supervising theses for professionals obtaining specialised diplomas in public policies and human rights.
  • Working with the HDPI working group to introduce ethical reasoning (8KQ) in elementary education and critical social issues.  Supporting an HDPI lead study of preparedness in the Middle East region.

Claudio Schuftan

  • Ending a consultancy for the Pasteur Institute on One Health issues in Vietnam and Cambodia.
  • Active in CSO groups on the Binding Treaty for TNCs and HR and on CSM's (civil soc mechansm) group of FAO's CFS (comm on food sec)
  • Working on my weekly HR Readers.

William Hawk

  • Advancing the Eight Key Question ethical reasoning strategy through multiple means including:
  • Completing, evaluating and redesigning “It’s Complicated” James Madison University’s ethical reasoning workshop for all (nearly 5000) new incoming students.
  • With HDPi Ethical Reasoning team -- Designing an application of Eight Key Questions ethical reasoning for assessing and training corporate executives and board members.
  • With HDPi Ethical Reasoning team – Attempting to integrate Eight Key Questions ethical reasoning strategy with Early Childhood Development into educational programing by publication and teaching design.

Saudamini Siegrist

  • Currently on assignment with UNICEF Mozambique, to provide guidance and support in the development of the child protection component of the CPD 2022-2026, and to inform the work of the Country Office in the area of child protection in emergencies and the children and armed conflict agenda.
  • In the final phase of assignment with UUSA for MHPSS capacity building in vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19 in the United States, working with Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health (JHCAIH) and the Arthur Ashe Institute of Urban Health (AAIUH).
  • Stage play #I Am Antigone accepted for Women's Center Stage festival in March 2022, not sure how that will unfold, well let's see!
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Linked to the COVID-19 Crisis in the United States, Evaluation of the Project Component Implemented by Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health (AAIUH), Brooklyn, Josh Chaffin, Evaluation consultant

Garly Michel

  • Providing psychosocial support in the three main affected departments by the August 14, 2021 earthquake.-
  • Searching collaboration to accompany our club members in the fields, and- Organizing the Haitian
  • Displaced People in Dominican Republic...

Krishna Belbase

  • In the final phase of assignment with UUSA on MHPSS project, working with Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health (JHCAIH) and the Arthur Ashe Institute of Urban Health (AAIUH). Currently working on drafting a terms of reference for project evaluation.
  • Technical support to the lessons learned study on emergency preparedness commissioned by UNICEF MENARO.
  • Technical support for formulating a UNICEF roadmap to strengthen emergency preparedness in the MENA region.
  • On-going support to several NGOs in Nepal on capacity building and partner/resource mobilization.
  • Discussion with FAO Rome on providing advisory support to the country programme evaluation in Nepal.
  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Linked to the COVID-19 Crisis in the United States, Evaluation of the Project Component Implemented by Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health (AAIUH), Brooklyn, Josh Chaffin, Evaluation consultant

Carolyn Williams

  • Conducting research to generate recommendations while designing/implementing/mobilizing advocacy strategies for mainstreaming Youth, Peace and Security (YPS) across US government policy, operations, and initiatives foreign and domestic. This project is with Search for Common Ground, Strategy for Humanity and the youth-led US YPS Coalition in partnership with the Global Coalition on YPS. I am currently looking for youth champions to support with entry points and talking points for various US government agencies to make the case for YPS if any HDPI member would be interested in championing youth and YPS with me!
  • Collaborating with Jim Brasher to conduct co-creation with philanthropists and leaders of social change organizations to improve their development functions for increasing impact. Currently, organizations we're working with together include: CGIAR (agricultural research for food system transformation), ByKids (youth leadership via film), PeaceTech Labs (tech for peacebuilding), Cure Violence Global (violence control and prevention) and the University of Memphis (racial equity in education)
  • Writing a book chapter on meaningful youth inclusion for a YSEAL program of the US State Department. If you have any people in your network under age 30, please share this survey with them so that I can inform my concepts and define new terms in this book based on the definitions provided by young people (contact: for more information)

Edward Girardet

  • My current focus is Afghanistan trying to help both writers and journalists while maintaining regular coverage on what is happening. Best to all. Ed Girardet

Richard Morgan

  • I'm leading efforts on social protection for Nutrition International.

Richard Anson

  • My main consultancy ongoing activity involves serving as a consultant evaluator for the World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group (for projects/programs in agricultural and rural development); the main task is to prepare independent evaluation reports on World Bank-financed projects in Ag. and RD sector.
  • I am being considered as team leader for a consultancy in development of a Tree Crop Development Strategy and Implementation Plan; and
  • I am also being considered by another consultancy firm to support a MCC-funded formulation of an agricultural strategy and implementation plan for Mozambique (building on my recent extensive involvement in Mozambique).

Angela Raven Roberts, PhD

  • I have completed a chapter for a forthcoming book by Routledge on:Pastoralism Resilience and Social Protection in Ethiopia.
  • I wrote some papers for an online journal on Ethiopian politics;
  • I did  four small projects for various NGOs and gave country briefings for a couple of UK Gov folks taking up assignments in Ethiopia and South Sudan.
  • Just completed various sessions for a Summer school online with University and of Tohoku  in Japan.
  • Currently working on complex paper with some university colleagues on historical antecedents of issue of SBV violence and militarization in Ethiopia. and implications for 'recovery' and 'social healing' post crisis.