Ethical Considerations Team

Helping to improve decision-making

by introducing 8 key ethical questions (8KQ)


The Ethical Considerations Team offers a special type of technical support - introducing a strategy for using ethical considerations to improve decision-making.

Services offered:

  • A presentation on decision-making and ethics
  • A seminar to introduce the use of ethical strategies (8KQ) in decision-making
  • Ethical simulations and exercises
  • Support in identifying ethical issues in complex challenges

Introducing the use of ethical considerations aims to make decision-making wiser and more informed.  It can help avoid major mistakes and improve the quality of efforts.  It does not necessarily make decision-making easier.

Languages spoken by team:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese




Applicable to:

  • any group or organization interested in improving decision-making using ethical considerations, e.g.
    • small working groups
    • education institutions and other services
    • non-governmental organizations
    • intergovernmental bodies or programs
    • private sector firms
    • Have you ever...
      • Faced an ethical dilemma in which the right thing to do is unclear?
      • Been concerned that the organization doesn’t always do the right thing?
      • Thought about the ethical culture of your organization?
      • Wished to act ethically, and not fall prey to biases?
      • Wished to work with co-workers consciously concerned with and devoted to ethics?


Core Team Members

For services on ethical decision-making contact:

For information on HDPI contact:

William J. Hawk

Specializes in practical ethics featuring an evidence-based ethical reasoning strategy

Pilar Aguilar, PhD.

Specializes in education in emergencies

Frederick Spielberg

Fred Spielberg has over 30 years of experience in disaster and conflict settings, working with UN agencies, NGOs and philanthropic foundations

Everett Ressler

HDPi Executive Director, specializes in child protection and care and protection of unaccompanied children.