HDPi Forum

We manage a forum series with global thought leaders
to stimulate thinking and action.

Recent Presenters

  • Jim Brasher
  • Angela Raven-Roberts
  • Cornelius Williams, UNICEF
  • Richard Morgan, Plan International
  • Dennis McNamara, Humanitarian Dialogue Center
  • Robin Biellick, vaccine specialist
  • Stephen Allen, OFDA/USAID
  • Carl Stauffer, Center for Justice and Peace, EMU
  • Lori Hieber Girardet, UNDRR
  • Hani Mansourian, Alliance for Child Protection
  • Peter Morris, formerly with OFDA
  • Rt Hon Lord Mark Malloch-Brown KCMG
  • Hugo Slim – Oxford University
  • Peter McDermott & Justin Rogers – Martin James Foundation
  • Molly Bingham – Orb Media
  • Carlo Scaramella - WFP
  • Luis Mendez, Stratman Consultants
  • Brigette De Lay – Oak Foundation
  • Jagan Chapagain – IFRC
  • Karen Landgren – Security Council Report
  • David Nabarro – WHO/4SD
  • Tom McDermott – xUNICEFers
  • Krishna Belrose - HDPI
  • Everett Ressler – HDPI
  • Fred Spielberg – UNICEF Colombia

The presentation was given on 5 Nov 2020 in the HDPI forum.

Cornelius Williams offers a stark warning of trends that threaten the well-being of children around the world, threats accentuated but not limited by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Cornelius is  Associate Director & Global Chief of Child Protection in UNICEF.  

The presentation was given on 14 Jan 2021 in the HDPI forum.

Jim Brasher-Program Development and Resource Mobilization - Lessons Learned