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Facilitating inter-agency workshop on emergency preparedness and child rights

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

HDPI facilitated an inter-agency workshop in Kigali to improve emergency preparedness and response to cross-border movements of children in the Great Lakes Region

Strategic guidance for accountability to children affected by crises

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

HDPI provides ongoing strategic guidance and technical expertise to support the Childfund Alliance in developing child-friendly accountability programs to monitor progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal Target 16.2 (ending violence against children).

Leading international study on early-warning and early-response

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

HDPI undertook a multi-country study to identify ways to strengthen UNDP’s early warning and early-response to crises across the globe.

Study on statelessness and risks of statelessness in Guinea Bissau

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

HDPI consultants carried out ground-breaking research on stateless people and persons at risk of statelessness in Guinea Bissau. The study also assessed the impact of statelessness on fundamental rights, as well as the legal and administrative framework for preventing and reducing statelessness.

Planning and facilitation for the World Humanitarian Summit

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

HDPI members supported big picture thinking on adapting the humanitarian system as part of planning inputs to the World Humanitarian Summits, and served as facilitators and rapporteurs of various consultations and meetings.

Strategic guidance on national humanitarian response policy

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

HDPI developed guidance for the UAE Committee for Coordination of Humanitarian Foreign Aid on how to coordinate and organize humanitarian response programs.

Capacity building for children’s rights in transitional justice processes in Sri Lanka

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

HDPi consultants are providing intensive capacity-building for local civil organizations in children’s rights and inclusion framework in truth-seeking and reconciliation processes following the decades-long armed conflict in Sri Lanka.

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