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Engaging faith leaders to promote human rights

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

HDPI consultants provided training for faith leaders on basic tenents of international humanitarian law, human rights and child rights, youth leadership, conflict prevention, and reconciliation in conflict-affected communities in Eastern DRC and Burundi.

Advising the Government of Eritrea on their OneWASH strategic plan

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

Provided strategic guidance and facilitation for the Government of Eritrea and their partners during the process to develop their process to develop a national strategy for water, sanitation, and hygiene for 2030.  

Leading international study on early-warning and early-response

By Clay Showalter | September 24, 2020

HDPI undertook a multi-country study to identify ways to strengthen UNDP’s early warning and early-response to crises across the globe.

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