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COVID-19: The need for global solidarity and cooperation: Dr. William Hawk

By William Hawk / April 1, 2020

By Dr William Hawk, Fred Spielberg and Everett Ressler This op-ed was first posted in Global Geneva. As COVID-19 has shown, the first reaction of governments in a pandemic is to close borders. Indeed, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) prescription of “isolate, test, treat and trace” proves much easier if the influx of imported cases…

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Rebuilding Schools – Rebuilding Communities In Nepal

By Mike Rechlin / February 1, 2017

What happens after the bodies are counted, after the wounds are bandaged, after the world attention leaves to focus on the next global disaster?  April 2015 Nepal, a small and peaceful country on the south side of the Himalayas, suffered a major earthquake that left close to 9,000 dead, hundreds of thousands with destroyed homes,…

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Listening to the voices of local communities in humanitarian response

By Sabina Robillard / January 23, 2016

In this video with BBC Media Action, HDPI Member Nigel Fisher speaks about the importance of listening to populations affected by humanitarian crises: “Actually, people who are affected by disasters, people living in communities and local organizations, they’re usually the first responders anyway. And quite often, what they think needs to be done may or…

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