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Misinformation on the Internet – Working Group on Ethical Decision Making

By HDPI / April 27, 2022

HDPI Working Group on Ethical Decision Making Misinformation on the Internet – an Ethical Tool to Find the Way Forward To Regulate of Not to Regulate? The extraordinary power of the internet to spread information instantly, with little oversight or regulation, has meant that hate speech, intentional misinformation, fake news, and the purposeful spreading of…

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The Ethics of Sanctions

By HDPI / April 26, 2022

The Ethics of Sanctions (Summary of the latest thoughts by HDPI’s Ethical Decision-Making Group) If, as Carl von Clausewitz said, war is the continuation of politics by other means, then perhaps the adoption of sanctions is the prevention of war by economic means.  In the last sixty years, economic and political sanctions have been imposed—unilaterally…

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